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How can I redeem a discount code?

You can enter an existing discount code before making a request. You will find a box named ‘Discount note’ during the booking process where you can fill in your code. Mila directly checks if the entered code is valid and correct. The discount amount will automatically be subtracted from the end price. If the end price is lower than the discount amount the difference will not be refunded. +1

How are friends vetted?

Friends are already vetted upon registering with Mila and the relevant cooperating partner. After registration, there are questionnaires and data checks that are decisive factors for approving a profile. Some services (e.g. wiring) may require a licence, in this cases Mila ensures that only licenced professionals will receive these assignments. In addition, customers are encouraged to submit an evaluation of a Friend’s assignment. 0

How do I pay my service?

You can pay the Friend cash on-site or you can pay the Friend with credit card or Paypal account. If you decide to pay with credit card or Paypal, you will receive an email after the service was rendered where you can enter your credit card/Paypal account details for the payment. The payment will directly be transferred to the Friends Paypal account. If you have …

How do I make a request?

Via www.mila.com/telstra, you can search for a Friend in your area who can help you with technical matters. You select from the list, and the service provider can help you. We have put together service plans for you which are suggested to you on the basis of your selection at booking. After confirmation of the selection, enter your contact information for the service provider and …