1. Mila Help Center Terms of Use
By using this website, you consent to the terms and conditions. Mila reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Therefore, you should regularly keep informed of any changes.

2. The Mila Help Center
Friends help friends – you can quickly and easily find help at Mila’s help center. You can learn about Mila’s offerings and exchange opinions. For starters, the help center consists of FAQs that are actively commented on and evaluated. Second, it consists of a forum where open discussions can take place. The forum helps answer unsolved questions and offers a platform for discussion. Dialog may be technical in nature or it could also be an exchange of experiences between friends and professionals. The forum is managed in German.

3. Moderation
Mila actively and passively moderates the help center; as a general rule, it only participates in discussions where Mila can provide direct help. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their usage is in line with the rules (in accordance with the Terms of Use). In case of (repeated) violations of the rules, Mila will punish the user in question and may – depending on the offense – temporarily or permanently ban the user from the help center.

4. Login
Login is required to actively use the help center (discuss, comment). When registering, use the same email address that you use on www.mila.com, so that Mila can link your activities in the help center and at Mila.

5. Rules of Conduct

  1. Mila provides the help center to create dialog between friends, professionals and Mila. Opinions expressed here are those of their respective authors and do not reflect Mila’s views. The following content is prohibited:
    • Publishing Customer Information.
    • Illegal and otherwise objectionable content, namely slanderous, defamatory, racist, discriminatory, homophobic, sexist, pornographic, vulgar, harassing, violence-glorifying, extremist, threatening, hateful, abusive content or content that is harmful in any other way.
    • Posts that infringe the rights of third parties.
    • Posts that have little or no relation to the published topic or which are fully or partially commercial in nature.
    • Content or files that affect the proper operation of the help center or contain harmful viruses or the like.
  2. Mila reserves the right to partially publish or refrain from publishing posts altogether without consulting the author as well as the right to fully or partially remove them. The author will face legal action in case of abuse.
  3. Each entry contains the author’s username.
  4. All topic or post views may be anonymously logged.
  5. Mila reserves the right to:
    • contact the user in exceptional cases (particularly to obtain further information on published disruptions or malfunctions of Mila services).
    • anonymously evaluate the use of the help center for statistical purposes.
    • amend the existing terms of use at any time.
  6. You may find additional information in the General Terms and Conditions.
  7. Mila asks all help center participants to report violations of these rules.